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Kyouya Crit Banner
For the host club event I have two separate ideas and will leave up by vote as to which we do. I will post the final decision and details, as well as the log, on Wednesday or Thursday of this next week so that it can get underway prior to Valentine's Day and will hopefully not drag on quite as long as the Halloween log did.

The choice comes between two separate themes, Paris By Night Valentine's Day or Elegant Victorian Valentine. The details for each are included below. Both would take place mid-day somewhere between noon and two.

Paris by Night Valentine's DayCollapse )

Elegant Victorian Valentine'sCollapse )

As for the exact details of what each individual host will be doing to entertain guests, I leave that up to their respective muns. However, if there is anything that I have missed please let me know.

Until the next.
LiveJournal: torrens_v_casus
Name/Nickname: Susurrus/Sus/Ruo
Age: Old enough
Instant Messenger(s): AIM: torrenscasus
Email: torrens.sepelio@gmail.com

Character Basics
Name: Ootori Kyouya
Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
Gender: Male
Age: Seventeen
Point in canon: Chapter 78
Character LJ: kyouya_0kaasan (note that is a zero not an o in 0kaasan)

Character in Depth, samples and more.Collapse )
Dear Residents of Vortexx,

The host club would like to cordially invite you to join us this coming Saturday in celebration of Valentine's Day. Please allow us to entertain you on this special day. We will have several flyers and and invitations sent out throughout the week with the details.

~Vortexx Host Club

[Screened to Hosts]
Attention hosts, please remember that we will be meeting tomorrow afternoon to finish preparations for this coming Saturday. I'll go into the exact details of what we will be doing and expecting at that time.

[Screened to Tamaki]
Tamaki, it's about time that you stopped with your behavior and began working on the host club again. You've ignored your responsibility as president and caused us to miss two rather large holidays and potentially clients. I have planned the next event to be one which will require some planning from you as well.