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Kyouya: Cool Type

Host Club Vice President

Ootori Kyouya
I am Ootori Kyouya, third son of the Ootori family, member and business manager of the Vortexx Host Club.

This journal is for roleplay in vortexxworld, Kyouya is the copyright of the owners of Ouran High School Host Club, I do not claim any ownership.

Name: Ootori Kyouya
Gender: Male
Age: 18
Sexuality: Unspecified
Alignment: Neutral
Species: Human
Physical description: Kyouya is your rather typical Japanese high school student, he has dark black hair and is average height, is has a slight build but still appears thin. His brown eyes remain cool behind a pair of glasses, and he often wears a smile to fool others.

Character in depth
Powers/abilities: Easily manipulates others, talented with numbers and selling goods.
Weakness:. Standard human weaknesses
Describe your characters personality:(in detail) Third son of the Ootori family, Kyouya aims to become the successor of his family business; he is also the vice president of the Ouran High School Host Club, which he takes great care for financially.

Kyouya does not act on greed, but he is a calculating man that acts on events he would benefit from. From the Host Club to his computer, he uses those things to gain money, information, and a social relationship wih friends and students from families that would benefit the Ootori family business. Anything that makes a profit, Kyouya is definitely behind it. This is why at a glance he does appear to be an egoist, however as merits often are found after a service, Kyouya is actually a very giving individual and merely finds some sort of merit to justify his actions.

He prefers spicy foods over sweets, something he doesn't really care for. He'll drink tea, or coffee that the club serves, but overall, rather than eating, he'll conjure up new ways to save and gain money.

Though he would never admit it, he is good friends with Tamaki and wouldn't hesitate to do what he suggests, suggestions like visiting Haruhi's house and ideas for new events are some that he would act out on without hesitating. He understands Tamaki the best of all the members and probably knows the most about the members because of research in his handy laptop and notebook. It is also Tamaki who was first able to see through Kyouya, and is one of the only people that can cause Kyouya to loose his calm demeanor, though Kyouya also has a bad temper and attitude when he is first awoken from sleeping.

Aside from the club, Kyouya excels in his year by always topping the score of all the classmates of his year, bumping Tamaki down to rank two of the second years. His favorite subjects are German, English, and Physics. Kyouya usually will have a calm, somewhat distant and cool demeanor, and a sly devilish smirk beneath his glasses.